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I love snakes but most people are afraid of them,because snakes are the most misunderstood creatures.Many people think i am crazy and some day i will get bitten by a snake. But i love snakes.most people are filled with fear and anxiety because they have no experience in dealing with snakes.many snakes struggle to survive as humans move in on thier habitat. we are afraid of being bitten but remember that snakes to defend them selves.if frightened, they will first try to escape or hide so be sure to stay out of there way. Using common sense, we can share our open spaces with snakes.these beautiful animals are important to the environment because they control rodent population. just a little care in where we put are feet when we are out hiking is all that is necessary for us to coexist with this fascinating predator. i want those people who are able to help me create this site, so those who are afraid of snakes get to know them.because snakes should never be killed just because you encounter them on a walk. love these beautiful animals and help them live in there natural habitat.

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